Our one barrel pilot system used to experiment with new styles and flavors for your enjoyment!


7.4% ABV

We took our pilot system for a test run and came out JUICED! Bittered with Columbus with massive whirlpool and dry hop additions of Galaxy, Simcoe, Citra, and Rakau, this evolution pours a hazy orange. The aroma is of a fresh orchard with specific notes of melon, peach, apricot and citrus. Flavors of ripe orange, melon and peach make this one Evolution you don’t want to miss. Limited release.


7.6% ABV

A true NEIPA featuring all American Hops. A gigantic whirlpool of Amarillo, Mosaic and Simcoe are followed by an even larger dry hop of the same. Aromas of orange peel and ripe pineapple, lead to a pillowy mouthfeel and a medley of tropical fruit flavors.


7.4% ABV

An international NEIPA featuring the dankest American (Amarillo, Mosaic, Simcoe) and Australian (Galaxy) hops. Brewed with a generous helping of oats and wheat for a light pillowy body, this evolution presents a mélange of orange, mango and melon flavors. LIMITED RELEASE, full pour ONLY.


5.1% ABV

Our first venture into lactose IPA’s! Brewed with a generous helping of oats and wheat, this IPA is hopped with Vic Secret, Belma, Amarillo, and mosaic hops. Conditioned on passion fruit, this evolution has a huge fruity nose and a resiny finish.


6.2% ABV

This DDH Spelt IPA features copious additions of oats for an insanely smooth mouthfeel. Fermented with our house ale yeast, and double dry-hopped with 4lb/bbl of Denali, Huell Melon and Citra, Evolution Five is full of flavor yet insanely approachable. A nose of over-ripe pineapple papaya and citrus greet the pallet before being overwhelmed by dank pineapple rind and a medley of tropical citrus flavors.


5.6% ABV

A true summer delight! This American IPA is kettle and dry hopped with Citra and Denali then conditioned on lactose, soursop, vanilla beans and even more Citra, making this one reminiscent of our favorite summer treat, a creamsicle!


6.6% ABV

Creamy, oat-laden IPA hopped in the kettle and whirlpool with Belma and Mosaic, dry hopped at 3lbs/bbl with more of the same and aged on an silly 15lbs/bbl of of Guava and Strawberries.


5.8% ABV

Summer in a glass! Irresponsible additions of Citra and Denali balance with lactose, vanilla, pineapple and blood orange. Delightful notes of pineapple custard and blood orange cupcakes.


6.0% ABV

Our second foray into fermenting on wine grapes. Fermented on Chambourcin grapes from our friends at Sharrott Winery. Tart without being sour, bone dry with big notes of Chambourcin blended with a healthy dose of citrus forward hops.


8.4% ABV

DIPA brewed with English base malts, lactose, oats and wheat. Hopped with Belma and Zythos and conditioned on Madagascar Vanilla Beans and cherries.


5.4% ABV

Our most complex grain bill yet delivers this decadent oatmeal black ale. Medium bodied, with notes of dark chocolate, toffee, and caramel packed into a sessionable 5.4% package.

Dark Daze Volume 2

7.9% ABV

A robust imperial brown ale brewed with a plethora of dark specialty malts and flaked oats. Cellar conditioned for five months to allow the flavors to meld. Light roast character blends with roasted coffee and toasted cocoa.


7.4% ABV

There was a donnybrook in the brew house and this full bodied stout emerged the winner. Conditioned on Three Musketeers Bars, you can only get a stout like this in the United States of Amoistica.


11% ABV

A big Imperial stout brewed with a combination of caramel and roasted malts, brown sugar and a custom blend of honey from our friends at Mill Creek Apiary. A full Roasted body with flavors of charred caramel, honey and molasses.

AWE Apricot Wheat

4.8% ABV

Brewed simply with a blend of American Wheat and 2-Row, Fermented clean to display bready notes and conditioned on Apricot for a refreshing summer twist!


6.2% ABV

Back on National Bourdain Day (6/25), we brewed this Belgian-style IPA to honor the New Jersey native, chef, author, and world renown traveler Anthony Bourdain. Floral notes meld together with hints of lemon, bubblegum, and spice to create a worldly experience that lives up to its namesake.


6.4% ABV

Quastion: What kind of beer is best? Answer: This one! A medium bodied IPA hopped with Citra Azacca, Mosaic, and Centennial and conditioned on fresh roasted Coffee from our friends at Harvest Coffee. We can just imagine Dwight serving a pint at the Caffeine Corner!


5.0% ABV

A traditional German style Gratzer Ale brewed with smoked wheat and Cherrywood smoked malt. A nose full of fresh smoked kielbasa, leads to a medium body with lingering slightly smokey finish.


5% ABV

A German Graetzer style ale with an American twist.  Conditioned on caramelized peaches to recreate that sweet, smokey BBQ of days gone by. Crisp and clean, the sweet peaches balance the smoked malt into one crushable package perfect for summer!


5% ABV

The Gentleman's Champanion base beer that was dry hopped copiously with Citra and Hallertau Blanc. Highly carbonated and aromatic, with dank notes of citrus and grapefruit rounded out by subtle chardonnay notes this is our unique take on the Brut IPA style sweeping the nation!


7.3% ABV

Our base chocolate stout aged for weeks on cherries. Smooth chocolate notes with subtle cherry on the finish.

Cop Juice

6.5% ABV

We took our English Style porter conditioned on La Columbe coffee and further conditioned it on Jelly Doughnuts!


5.4% ABV

A traditional wheat beer hopped untraditionally with Huell Melon. A nose of wheat and subtle honeydew, the flavors follow suit.


5.6% ABV

The Winning beer of Fermented’s homebrew fantasy draft competition is a unique twist on a classic german Dunkelweizen. A bready backbone with a kiss of strawberry will surely please the palate.


5% ABV

A Brut style ale that was fermented with 10lb/bbl of fresh pressed Chardonnay grape must. Brewed with Citra hops throughout, to seamlessly blends the subtle bitterness and fruity aroma of the Brut style with a clean dry finish of a glass of Chardonnay. Extremely light carbonation reminiscent of a cask ale.

Golden Lager

4.7% ABV

German style lager that balances subtle malt sweetness with a subdued hop character.


7.1% ABV

Silky smooth brown ale brewed with hefty additions of oats and roasted malts to create a slightly sweet body with notes of chocolate and caramel.


7.6% ABV

Golden oatmeal stout brewed with a ton of oats for a full mouthfeel and conditioned on just the right adjuncts to give you the roasted complexity of a stout. How did we do it? The Hell If I know.

High and Drei Kolsch

5.1% ABV

A modern take on a classic style. Pilsner and vienna malts combine with Nelson Sauvignon and noble citra. Medium bodied, with notes of white wine and stone fruit.


4.3% ABV

Brewed with Pilsner and Vienna malts and hopped gently with Loral and Nelson Sauvignon for a modern twist on a German classic. Fermented cool then cold conditioned in stainless for nearly two months! Notes of fresh white bread crust, white grape and subdued gooseberry undertones. Prost!


4.5% ABV

Golden and cloudy, with a a mix of banana and clove esters, this Hefewiezen is extremely refreshing and crushable.


7.5% ABV

Fall is here! This new imperial sweet porter is brewed with a plethora of caramel and dark chocolate malts and Vermont Maple Syrup. A touch of smoked malt leaves this one medium bodied, sweet with a hint of smoke, and just boozy enough to fight off the fall chill.

Master of Reality TIPA

9.7% ABV

This jacked up version of our flagship Back To Reality clocks in at 9.7% and is double dry hopped with Amarillo, Mosaic Cryo and Simcoe. A full mouthfeel and massive notes of orange, mango and citrus make MoR incredibly smooth for a big beer.

May the Schwartz Bier with You

5.8% ABV

You don’t have to comb the desert to find a nice chocolatey glass of liquid Schwartz. This German style dark lager is aged on a plethora of cocoa nibs from our friends at Lore’s Chocolates!

Neopolitan Dynamite

7.4% ABV

Brewed with an array of dark and crystal malts, conditioned on Madagascar Vanilla, Cocoa Nibs and Strawberries. Subtle strawberry notes blend with lush chocolate up front leading to a creamy vanilla finish.

Oatin’s Last Stand

7% ABV
We took an oatmeal stout brewed with two types of chocolate and let it mature in a second use Dad’s Hat barrel for 10 months. The result presents forward barrel character on the nose, with restrained notes of oak, caramelized sugar and molasses greeting the pallet. A sessionable barrel aged stout!

Oh-Fest Oktoberfest

5.1% ABV

We brewed a traditional Vienna-style lager for our 2019 Oktoberfest.  This amber lager has a slightly sweet and bready malt character with a light noble hop bitterness and a crisp finish.  Dress up in your finest lederhosen and get ready to fill your Maß with this celebratory beer.

Oh Fuggles

5.1% ABV

Traditional English Style ale brewed with a mix of US, German and UK malts and hops. In contrast to its name, Oh Fuggles features a mild English hop character with a medium bodied slightly bready base and dry finish.

One Sip, Everyone Knows the Rules

6.7% ABV

Pizza Saison: A bready base, featuring Vienna malt is melded with spicy American Rye. After a normal fermentation, things got weird as we conditioned on fresh Jersey Tomatoes, basil leaves, sea salt and cracked peppercorns. Bready with vibes of boardwalk pies.

Peep Show 

6.66% ABV

A tantalizing milkshake IPA brewed with Peeps, marshmallows and lactose then conditioned on tangerine, Madagascar vanilla and even more marshmallows! Peepin’ in at 6.66%, this brew goes down easy and will have you dreamcicling of warmer days and sunlight on your skin.



Our base Devil and i recipe age for a few weeks on Madagascar Vanilla beans. The vanilla adds a subtle creamy, rounded finish making this Devili variant incredibly easy to drink.


4.9% ABV

Traditional amber ale that subtly reminds us how much we miss Philly pretzels!


10.8% ABV

To celebrate our fourth anniversary, we present this rich

Belgian Quadrupel. It pours a beautiful amber hue with a slightly tinged caramel head. Notes of ripe banana on the nose are balanced by the bready malt sweetness. Restrained esters present flavors of fresh caramel toffee, raisin and bread crust which easily mask the booze. A beer meant for sipping to be enjoyed amongst friends.

Saison In Paradise

5.4% ABV

A light saison base featuring Vienna malt brewed with lime zest and juice. Conditioned on key lime for a summery crusher that'll have you wishing your toes were in the sand.

sAlt 5.6% ABV

A traditional German Amber Ale brewed with Philly style salted pretzels in the mash. Notes of biscuit and caramel from the malt balanced with the floral character of German Noble hops.


5.2% ABV

'Would an idiot order this?' That's the kind of Wit Dwight Schrute is known for.Brewed with Orange peel, coriander, and chamomile. The result is a refreshing and crushable ale that only an idiot wouldn't order.

Scooby Dubbel Doo

8.5% ABV

A lush Belgian dubbel. Brewed with traditional malts and hops then twisted just a bit. We stressed the yeast to the breaking point to develop flavors and aromas of caramel, toffee, banana and fresh bread crust with just a hint of warm booze.


6.2% ABV

The base for our SorryNotSorry taken to the most basic level we could imagine. Brewed with oats and lactose and conditioned on 5lb/bbl of pumpkins along with our house blend of spices. Pumpkin pie has nothing on this one and we might actually be ashamed of being this basic. Or are we?


4.6% ABV

Inspired by a banana split, this Hefeweizen is brewed with lactose then aged on strawberries, vanilla, and a touch of cocoa. The result is a crisp and creamy summer beer.


3.3% ABV

Inspired by the Belgian tradition of “biere de table” - low ABV, easily drinkable beers brewed for a wide variety of settings. We conditioned our interpretation on a touch of blood orange to give a light and crushable citrus flavor that is easy drinking.


7.9% ABV

Pump the brakes. This here is an imperial chocolate milk stout. We're no schmelts and wanted to kick it nect level so we added pertnear 4lbs/bbl of butterfingers. Full bodied, a touch boozy, and ready for a donny brook. **Contains peanuts**


5.2% ABV

A hazy, new school, blonde ale brewed to be crisp, approachable and refreshing. Hopped subtlety with Mosaic and Denali for a touch of citrus character that’ll have you coming back for more!


5% ABV

A medium bodied chocolate stout brewed with lactose and conditioned on heaps of Andes Candies! CHocolate and mint intertwine on our rendition on one of our favorite treats!


6.0% ABV

Consumer pressure is to blame for this twisted creation. Inspired by Scott’s undying search for the parm that rules them all, we started with a rye saison base, fermented on Belgian yeast and threw in 5lb/bbl of lush Jersey tomatoes, along with fresh basil and oregano. We then conditioned on even more tomato, oregano and basil and hit it with some salt and pepper. Best enjoyed with a fresh parm of your choice.


5.3% ABV

You scream, I scream, we all scream for THRICEcream! Our cream ale conditioned on Astronaut Ice Cream and Oreo’s.


5.2% ABV

Get the Red, White and Blueberry party started early! Our latest cobbler variant is conditioned on 30lbs/bbl of Hammonton Blueberries, cinnamon and Graham crackers!

Twisted Cobbler: Mango Madness

8% ABV

Refreshing medium bodied ale conditioned on oodles of mangoes, cinnamon, and graham crackers. All the deliciousness of a summery dessert!

Twisted Cobbler: Peach Party

5.6% ABV

Brewed to celebrate the annual Hammonton Peach Party, we kicked the party into high gear with Zythos throughout then conditioned on peaches, graham crackers and cinnamon. Dessert in a glass!


6.7% ABV

Our newest beer in the "Twisted Cobbler Series." A sneaky, light bodied, fruit beer combining graham cracker, strawberry, and rhubarb to create the perfect balance of sweet and tart, with notes of honey. The perfect beer for breakfast or dessert! Destination unknown.

Twisted Cobbler: THE BOYS ARE BACK

5% ABV

Refreshing ale conditioned on heaps of boysenberry, cinnamon, and graham crackers



8.2% ABV

Farmhouse style saison aged for two months in stainless. Tart, slightly sweet with just a bit of spiciness from a big late addition of Equinox and our house saison yeast.


7.2% ABV

A traditional dark Weizenbock that features a bold biscuit flavor, followed by a soft toffee finish with just a smidgeon of caramel hiding in the middle.

Winter is Here

6.7% ABV

Our Belgian Winter Warmer, brewed with brown sugar, orange, allspice and clove. A great way to warm up on those cold winter nights.


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